A Guide to Collecting Reborn Baby Dolls

If you’re new to collecting reborn baby dolls, or you’ve always wanted to start a collection, but never quite knew where to start, this video is for you! A guide to collecting these beautiful lifelike baby dolls.

Do your research

Don’t just go out and start buying the first reborn doll you see. Do some research! There are so many types of reborn baby dolls – from different ethnicities – black reborn baby dolls, Asian reborn babies; different genders and ages – different hair colors, eye colors, positions, and even material. Find out by watching videos like this which ones you like best.

Check out sites like rebornbabydolls.org

You can purchase reborns many different places on the web, but if you want to see a large variety of reborn baby dolls, and know that you’re looking at dolls from reputable sellers and artists who take their reborn baby dolls seriously, a site like rebornbabydolls.org, or others like it, will allow you to easily and quickly view dolls of different types and price ranges, so you can choose the doll (or dolls!) to add to your collection

Set up your reborn doll nursery

Reborn baby doll nurseries are always fun additions, and fun to plan and put together! You can stage the dolls, and give them permanent homes like cribs, chairs, strollers, or baby beds, for when you’re not cuddling them close. Your reborn doll nursery can also act as a way to show your collection off to other fans and collectors.

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