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Panda,very realistic, 99% similar to the real panda.Simulation toys, panda toys

Panda,very realistic, 99% similar to the real panda.Simulation toys, panda toys

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Plush/Nano Doll

Simulation toys, panda toys, panda plush toys, birthday gifts, real panda toys.


The 3-month-old panda toy is very realistic, 99% similar to the real panda.

Each panda is handmade and trimmed.

Selected lambskins, with 95% hand feel reduction, to create the perfect baby panda for you.

Because the baby pandas are made by hand and the daily output is limited, they are shipped according to the order. Shipped in 45 days at the latest. Except for quality problems, returns are not accepted, thank you!

Product care

1. Do not wash, dry clean, etc., can be wiped with alcohol

2. After the outer skin gets wet, please dry it at low temperature immediately, the water will cause it

Redox of dermis.

3. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time, ultraviolet rays can cause discoloration.

4. Avoid being squeezed by heavy objects on the head and tearing off the limbs.

5. Please take good care of the panda cubs.

6. You can take care of baby pandas with maintenance gifts.

other instructions

1. It is normal for pure sheepskin products to have less and most shed hair.

2. Information on the main causes of allergies: wool and silicone products.

3. It contains small parts to prevent children from swallowing.


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